Anfibio Buoy Boy

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The Anfibio Buoy Boy inflatable vest has been designed specifically for the space- and weight-conscious packrafter.

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Anfibio Buoy Boy

The Anfibio Buoy Boy inflatable vest has been designed specifically for the space- and weight-conscious packrafter, both men and female. Weighing just 340g (size M) and rolling up to just a litre in volume, it is one of the most compact buoyancy aids around. The vest features two chambers inflated by easy-to-use spring-loaded mouth valves; which can be used while worn. The inflated chambers reach around the upper back while the lower back is composed sandwich mesh which rests much more comfortably against a typical packraft backrest (a common problem with regular PFDs).


The jacket is fitted with a chunky front zip backed up by a waist clip, and also benefits from a crotch strap which stops the jacket riding up – another a common flaw with regular PFDs unless done up very tightly. The Buoy Boy’s short cut design and baffled air chambers provide excellent freedom of movement and the location of the air chambers (chest and neck) enhances a back position when laying in the water.


The vest primarily excels on river trekking, mountain lake floats and general land – water travel. As a flotation device it provides buoyancy support and comfort for swimming in calmer water and moderate whitewater. For serious white water use we recommend traditional foam-filled PFDs with impact protection and rescue harness.


As a packrafting jacket pack size has likewise priority as buoyancy function and wear. These features are in competition with each other and result in a compromise for common standards in Personal Flotation Devices (PFD). The user has to recognise that the Buoy Boy is not an accredited or certified PFD, far less a life jacket (guarantee to float an unconscious paddler face up in the water).

Due to an individual’s possible variation in inflation levels, the Buoy Boy’s buoyancy can vary, thus eludes from any standardization or definite declaration. In an extreme scenario one could forget to blow it up! Its proper function is in responsibility of the user. Please read the manual. This flotation aid does not guarantee the prevention of drowning and is not considered a personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the individual inflation.


210den TPU laminated nylon (air chambers); sandwich mesh back


Chest: up to 95 cm (S), 100 cm (M), 110 cm (L), 120 cm (XL)
Waist: up to 95 cm (S),110 cm (M), 120cm (L), 130 cm (XL)
Back length: up to 45cm (S), from 45cm (M), from 50cm (L, XL)


56.8N (S), 60.8N (M), 74.0N (L), 78.4N (XL)

tested by ISO 12402-9 5.5.9 standards
(test methods for Personal flotation devices)


340 grams (M)


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