Kokopelli Nirvana Selfbailer – advanced white water raft

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Kokopelli Nirvana Selfbailer has been developed for white water in the first place, but it is obviously a packraft capable of calm waters aswell.

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Kokopelli Nirvana Selfbailer

Kokopelli Nirvana has been developed for white water in the first place, but it is obviously a packraft capable of calm waters aswell. The Kokopelli Nirvana also features an aggressive rocker on the bow, which is advantageous on white water.

What is a Selfbailer?

Kokopelli Nirvana Selfbailer is an open packraft with an inflatable floor. It is also a “selfbailer”. Instead of a spraydeck to keep water away, the Kokopelli Selfbailer uses drainage holes in the bottom.

A 5″ thick inflatable floor increases the rigidity of the raft and in addition, it puts the paddler in a higher and more comfortable position. A paddler in higher position gains a deeper and more efficient pull with the paddle.

Given that there is always water in the bottom of a Nirvana Selfbailer, the inflatable floor is necessary to avoid unnecessary wetness. In colder climates, it is recommended to wear a dry suit or dry pants when paddling a Nirvana, as there is a risk of coming into contact with the water from below.

A selfbailer has several major advantages, and a few disadvantages, when compared to a conventional packraft with spray deck. One of the biggest advantages is the simplicity. In a selfbailing packraft you can easily get in and out of the action, while never having the problem of excessive amounts of water inside of the boat. There is no spraydeck that takes time and energy to put on. This also makes scouting of unknown streams a a lot easier. Selfbailers gives you more time on the water!

Adjustable seat

Kokopelli are famous for their effective and adjustable/removable seats and backrests. Due to the possibilities of the seat, different sizes of the Kokopelli boats are not required, beacuse the paddler can adjust himself in relation to the bow. Nirvana is for you, even if you are shorter or taller!


TiZip zipper on the rear end allows for storage inside the tubes. It is now possible to transport large quantities of equipment inside of the packrafts tubes. This results in many advantages:

  • Everything that is transported inside the tubes is guaranteed to be dry.
  • You lower the center of gravity, which leads to a more stable ride.
  • A huge increase in packable surface.

The disadvantage of storing equipment inside the tubes is that you can not access the equipment without simultaneously releasing the air from the packraft. Therefore, TiZip is particularly suitable for transporting camp equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, most of the food of the trip, etc. Frequently used equipment such as mobile phone / map, snacks, rainwear, etc. Should still be stored in a waterproof bag in the bow or stern.


In addition to the “regular” 6 D-rings on the outside of the tubes, Kokopelli Nirvana Selfbailer also has 4 D-rings on the inside of each tube, which allows for anchoring of thigh straps.

Thigh straps does not ship with the Nirvana by default. You can buy them separately here.

Kokopelli Nirvana Selfbailer Specifications

  • Color – Yellow Sidewall, Black Floor
  • Packraft + Inflatable Floor + Inflatable Seat Weight- 9.2 pounds (add 0.2 pounds for Tizip)
  • Inflation Bag- 4 oz. (Inflation Time: 3 minutes)
  • Chambers- 2 (Main Hull: 1 Inflatable Floor: 1)
  • Outside Length: 90″
  • Outside Width: 37″
  • Tube Diameter- 11″
  • Cockpit Length- 57″
  • Cockpit Width- 15.5″
  • Packed Size:26″ x 12″ x 7″
  • Load Capacity- 330 pounds
  • Sidewall Construction – 210 denier double coated nylon, 1” seam welds, reinforced seam tape over all seams
  • Floor Construction – 840 denier double coated nylon, v-tape floor construction for added durability
  • All seams are sealed with a 1” seam tape to the deliver the highest durability and ensure the highest quality air holding properties.
  • Includes Field Repair Kit
  • 1 Year Warranty

Recommended Accessories

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