Kokopelli Rogue – robust and versatile solo packraft

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With a fresh, updated design and simpler, lighter construction, Kokopelli are aiming for an allrounder.


Anfibio DeckPack is a waterproof bag that can be fastened on the bow of your raft. Perfect storage for your most valuable things.

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Kokopelli Rogue

With a fresh, updated design and simpler, lighter construction, Kokopelli are aiming for an allrounder. After a long development period we are now seeing the final result; a packraft with bigger stern, only one chamber, and improved choice of materials. For the users, this means a packraft that is easier to use, and lighter to carry while still maintaining Kokopellis eye for details and high quality.

Area of use

Rogue is a packraft that is well suited for both paddling on flat water and white water.

The Rogue weighs in at 7,5 ounces fully equipped, which is a great improvement over previous models. With a single chamber and new materials in use, the volume of the packed raft has also been greatly reduced (now packs down to about the size of a 3 season sleeping bag). All of this combined makes this raft more allround than previous Kokopelli rafts.

Materials and build

The floor material in the Rogue has been greatly improved. It is now reinforced with kevlar, making it both lighter and stronger. The spraydeck is now made out of the same material as in the tubes (210 denier urethan coated nylon) which makes it extremely durable, in fact it is the strongest spraydeck we’ve seen so far. The spraydeck is of course close to 100% waterproof. The coaming is made out of a lighter material than before while still being highly durable. The aggressive rocker of the Nirvana has been slightly reduced on the Rogue.

The valve is Leafield D7, a high quality, low profile, reliable valve.

One of the biggest improvements of the Kokopelli Rogue over previous ones is that the floor material is attached higher up on the tubes than before. This makes for a higher seated position and removes the problem with “saggy butt and feet”. You will now sit above waterline!

The seat has been extended in length and is made out of a more durable material than before. The seat is easily removable from the raft, which makes cleaning a breeze. Even the backrest has been greatly improved, with new (mesh) material which dries faster while also being more comfortable. Even the backrest is easy to remove from the packraft. The backrest is also easily adjustable for different leg lengths.

The seams in the Rogue are sewn and taped, but not welded as before. The seams still reach the same strenght, but the overall weight of the rafts gets lower due to this. The coating of the tubes are thicker than before to create a more durable material.

2 tie downs are located at the stern and 4 at the bow.


TiZip zipper on the rear end allows for storage inside the tubes. It is now possible to transport large quantities of equipment inside of the packrafts tubes. This results in many advantages:

  • Everything that is transported inside the tubes is guaranteed to be dry.
  • You lower the center of gravity, which leads to a more stable ride.
  • A huge increase in packable surface.

The disadvantage of storing equipment inside the tubes is that you can not access the equipment without simultaneously releasing the air from the packraft. Therefore, TiZip is particularly suitable for transporting camp equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, most of the food of the trip, etc. Frequently used equipment such as mobile phone / map, snacks, rainwear, etc. Should still be stored in a waterproof bag in the bow or stern. TiZip also increases the weight of the raft slightly.

Weight (verified by Packraft Sverige)

Only packraft: 3050 grams (TiZip version slightly heavier)
Backrest: 150 grams
Seat: 240 grams
Coaming: 150 grams
Spray skirt: 300 grams


Outer length: 229 cm
Outer width: 94 cm
Inner length: 145 cm
Inner width: 40 cm
Tube width: 29 cm
Packed size: 40 x 20 cm

What’s included?

Backrest, seat, coaming, spraydeck, spray skirt, repair materials (no glue), strap, inflation bag. We also recommend you to buy a Patch n Go kit for fast field repairs.

Recommended Accessories

Packrafting accessories kit


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