Seek Outside Cimarron

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The Cimarron is an ultralight 4 person (without a stove) pyramid style tent with subtle angles that is comfortable for two when using a stove.

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Seek Outside Cimarron

The Cimarron is an ultralight 4 person (without a stove) pyramid style tent with subtle angles that is comfortable for two when using a stove.

The Cimarron makes very effective use of space. The footprint is such that it can still be used on many campground pads where space is often limited. The tent itself is closest to a slightly rectangular pyramid, and sets up almost exactly the same as a pyramid, but with less wasted space. Slight tipi styling reduces flat sidedness and maximizes space. 4 adults can sleep across without a stove, and two adults can sleep lengthwise very comfortably.  Dual side entrance design allows the tent to be used in many non conventional pitches when terrain, need or desires dictate.

All of Seek Outside’s gear uses the best fabrics and materials possible to source, and is made in-house by experts at their craft, and is backed by Seek Outside’s outstanding warranty.

The tent has a stove jack and can be used as a hot tent, together with a stove, for example the Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove. The tent has a covered, zip down apex vent. This vent will stay quiet in windy conditions or can be propped opened in calmer conditions.

There is no bug protection (screen doors) included in the tent (to save weight), but there are Seek Outside Half-Nests to be bought separately.

The Cimarron features 8 ground level stake points and has external guyout loops for creating steeper walls. Dual doors, with #8 YKK zippers, allow for venting, separate entrances when used with two people, and can be guyed out tarp-style during fair weather.

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO. Lifetime Warranty.

Accessories (sold separately)

Seek Outside Carbon Pole
Seek Outside Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove
Half Nest


  • Dual zippered doors with storm flaps
  • Single peak vent
  • Ultra robust stake loops – big enough for cut or improvised stakes, twist a time or two to tighten up on standard stakes
  • Carefully built from top quality, resilient 30 Denier Cordura Nylon
  • The tent is sold without “Screen Doors”


  • Weight:
    • Canopy – 39 oz / 2 lb 7 oz / 1105 grams
    • Complete weight – canopy, stakes, carbon pole (sold separately here) – 55 oz / 3 lb 7 oz / 1559 grams
  • Dimensions:
    • Height 6′ / 183 cm
    • Width 8′ 6″ / 259 cm (max 9′ 6 “ft / 289 cm at center)
    • Length 9’6″ / 289 cm (max 11′ 8″ ft / 355 cm at center)
    • 94 sq ft / 8,73 m²

Fabric Details

Cordura spec Ultralight silicone double coated 30 Denier ripstop nylon with a Hydrostatic Head rating of 3000-4000 MM. Strong and Light, this is a high performance fabric.

Size guide

  • Sleeps 4 without stove
  • Sleeps 2 with stove

Comes with

  • Shelter canopy
  • 10 stakes
  • 2 tubes of seam sealer

Seam sealing

For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent.

  • The Cimarron includes 2 tubes of SilNet seam sealer, enough to seal the entire tipi with a tube left over.
  • Pitch the shelter normally and seal the outside seams.
  • The easy way to seal is to run a thin bead of sealant along the seam, then press it in with a finger, wiping the excess on a paper towel.
  • Alternatively, you can use an acid brush from a hardware store to spread the sealant.

Intro to hot tents

The most common questions we get about hot tents are:

  • How do prevent fire in the tent while using a stove?
    • The stove jack is a high temp fiberglass material rated to several thousand degrees. The tent material never touches the hot pipe. You can get pinholes from floating embers, but a small dab of silicone seals the pinhole and doesn’t hurt the shelter.
  • How does a floorless shelter work in wet weather?
    • Really darn well. Don’t pitch in a depression obviously, but the ground inside dries out quickly, and it’s super convenient to just walk in with muddy shoes (or dogs) and not worry about getting your floor dirty.
  • What about condensation?
  • What about carbon monoxide?
    • It’s truly not a concern. We include a peak vent, plus the shelter will draw air through the zipper and under the sod skirt. If you’re still concerned, leave a door unzipped 8″ or so at the bottom to allow more venting.

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Seek Outside Cimarron

2 reviews for Seek Outside Cimarron

  1. Milan Pekař

    I only have the chance to use it once, but its very good tent. Super lightweight for size. Plenty room for two with titanium wood stove. So warm that we had to open door few times.

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  2. Daniel

    Lätt, enkel och funktionell.
    Köpte denna kåta främst för solo äventyr under tidig vår och höst turer. Och denna tycker jag är perfekt storlek för 1-2 personer med kamin och packning.
    Kåtan med sin lite mera fyrkantiga form än traditionella kåtor gör att den blir något lättare att sätta upp. Den saknar dock någon form av sträck vid tältpinnarna vilket gör att man får flytta om pinnarna om sträckningen inte blir bra (normalt inget större problem men lite ovanligt)
    Den här versionen kommer med “stove jack” vilket jag tycker är en betydligt bättre lösning än som många framför allt nordiska kåtor har där man skickar ut skorstenen genom topphatten.
    Som på denna kåta har ersatts med en ventilations öppning av samma typ som man återfinner på dom flesta tunneltält osv. Den saknar även ventilation längre ner vilket man bör ha i åtanke vid eldning i kamin.
    Något som jag verkligen saknar är fästen för att sätta upp torklina el torkställning som oftast finns i kåtor och bättre tält. Detta går såklart att lösa på andra sätt. Men en jag har lite svårt att förstå varför det inte finns färdiga fästen. Kanske den främsta fördelen med en kåta med kamin tycker jag är möjligheten att torka kläder och skor även under sämre förhållanden.
    Blev kanske lite negativt nu men på det storahela är jag ändå väldigt nöjd med kåtan och kombinationen med titan kaminen är riktigt trevlig. En lösning som kompletterar mina tidigare tält/hammock/lavvu på ett väldigt bra sätt.

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