Seek Outside Silvertip

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Seek Outside Silvertip is a 4-season, 2-man ultralight tipi tent with a stove jack. Silvertip is the small shelter of choice when dodgy weather is the norm, and truly bad weather a distinct possibility.

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Seek Outside Silvertip

Named for a high, windy peak at the center of the Bob Marshall, the Silvertip is a minimalist fortress for one or two.  Exceptionally quiet in high winds and capable of four season snow shedding, the Silvertip is the small shelter of choice when dodgy weather is the norm, and truly bad weather a distinct possibility.

The Silvertip boasts improved seam orientation and two additional upper guy-out points that improve storm performance and increase usable interior space.  Tall folks on tall sleeping pads fit, no problem.

The tent has a stove jack and can be used as a hot tent, together with a stove, for example the Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove. The tent has a covered, zip down apex vent. This vent will stay quiet in windy conditions or can be propped opened in calmer conditions.

There is no bug protection included in the tent (no “screen doors”), but there are multiple bug nets that can be bought separately and used together with this tent, for the few months when bugs really are a problem. Contact us if you need help in choosing a bug net.

The Silvertip features 12 ground level stake points, and two additional mid-level guy points in the center of the head and foot panels.  Dual doors, with #8 YKK zippers, allow for venting, separate entrances when used with two people, and can be guyed out tarp-style during fair weather.

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO.

Accessories (sold separately)

Seek Outside Carbon Pole.
Seek Outside Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove


  • Dual zippered doors with storm flaps
  • Single peak vent
  • Ultra robust stake loops – big enough for cut or improvised stakes, twist a time or two to tighten up on standard stakes
  • Interior hang loops for tying clothes line or hanging gear
  • Two mid level guyouts
  • Carefully built from top quality, resilient 30 Denier Cordura Nylon
  • Please note that the tent is sold without “screen doors”


  • Weight:
    • Canopy – 28 oz / 1 lb 12 oz / 794 grams
    • Complete weight – canopy, stakes, carbon pole (not included but can be bought here) – 42 oz / 2 lb 10 oz / 1191 grams
  • Dimensions:
    • Height – 57″ / 145 cm
    • Diameter – 8′ 11″ / 272 cm
    • 70 sq ft – 6,5 m²


  • Sleeps 2 without stove
  • Sleeps 1 with stove


  • Shelter canopy
  • 10 stakes
  • 1 tube of seam sealer


For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent.

  • The Silvertip includes 1 tube of SilNet seam sealer, enough to seal the entire tipi with a tube left over.
  • Pitch normally and seal the outside seams.
  • The easy way to seal is to run a thin bead of sealant along the seam, then press it in with a finger, wiping the excess on a paper towel.
  • Alternatively, you can use an acid brush from a hardware store to spread the sealant.


The most common questions we get about hot tents are:

  • How do you not burn the tent down?
    • The stove jack is a high temp fiberglass material rated to several thousand degrees.  The tent material never touches the hot pipe.  You can get pinholes from floating embers, but a small dab of silicone seals the pinhole and doesn’t hurt the shelter.
  • How does a floorless shelter work in wet weather?
    • Really darn well.  Don’t pitch in a depression obviously, but the ground inside dries out quickly, and it’s super convenient to just walk in with muddy shoes (or dogs) and not worry about getting your floor dirty.
  • What about condensation?
  • What about carbon monoxide?
    • It’s truly not a concern.  We include a peak vent, plus the shelter will draw air through the zipper and under the sod skirt.  If you’re still concerned, leave a door unzipped 8″ or so at the bottom to allow more venting.

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Seek Outside Silvertip


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