Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove “The Cub”

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Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove “The Cub” is an ultralight wood stove made out of titanium.

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Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove “The Cub”

The Cub is an ultralight wood stove for tents and tipis made out of titanium.

Stove pipe is not included, it is sold separately.

Titaniums superior burn characteristics and weight make it the ideal material to construct a lightweight wood stove form when weight, portability and performance are the primary goals. These stoves assemble easily, and dissasemble to nearly flat and the stove pipe rolls up into a cylinder. Due to titaniums heat transfer efficiency, these are capable of heating your tent when it’s really cold out and can keep coals for hours.

Those stoves are well suited for our different Seek Outside tipis.

The stoves can of course be used in any tent made for wood stoves (which has a dedicated wood stove jack).

Good to know

When you use the stove you have to make sure that there are no items such as backpacks or sleeping bags close by (or dry materials under the stove), and you also have to make sure that fresh air can enter the tent somehow. Your tent needs a special stove jack. Make sure your opening is safe for stove pipes. All of our Seek Outside tents got a stove jack installed.

The first time you use your new stove, it requires a “burn in”. The burn in will help the material to find its final shape. This is especially important for the stove pipe. The first time you roll up the stove pipe it can be quite hard, but after the burn in, it will be a lot easier and so easy that it can be done alone in about 2-3 minutes. This link will take you to a youtube video where you can see how to roll the pipe before the first burn in.

It is important to clean the stove, spark arrestor and pipe thoroughly from soot and ashes between uses to eliminate creosote build up.

What to expect:

Stoves add comfort, the ability to dry gear, and gives cold weather trips an element of enjoyment and fun that is lacking without the stove.  They allow you to go to bed warm and dry, and to warm up first thing in the morning.  They can also extend or replace cooking fuel weight.

They don’t however, replace sleeping gear insulation.  The stoves burn hot and fast, but to keep the temps up they need to be fed regularly.  So if you have a forecast for 0° then you should have a 0° rated bag, unless you want to stay up all night stoking the fire.

Longer burn times require larger wood.  If you prep larger wood you can get through the night with 3-4 stokings.  In our opinion a good beefy knife for batoning rounds and a good quality folding or lightweight saw are all the tools you need for wood prep, and are superior to a hatchet or axe for most users.

Size of wood stove and pipe

Burn Chamber 6″ Tall / 6″ Wide / 9″ long

Height with legs: 9″

Weight, stove and stove pipe

Weight of Stove including Damper, legs, hardware, and Storage bag, is 18 oz.

Recommended stove for Seek Outside shelters


Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

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