Anfibio Sigma TXL

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Anfibio Sigma TXL is the lightest two-man packraft model in our range. Equipped with Anfibio Multimat, Sigma is able to transport two passengers on calm waters.

The multimat makes the Sigma a lot more stable when used by 2 people

An easy to use repair kit for fast field repairs.

The higher the pressure, the more fun the paddling becomes!

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Anfibio Sigma TXL

Anfibio Sigma TXL is one of the lightest two-man packraft models in our range. Equipped with Anfibio Multimat, Sigma TXL is able to transport two passengers on calm waters. The packraft can of course also be paddled on your own. Sigma is great if you need to transport a lot of stuff, a bike, or maybe a dog or two. If you paddle the packraft on your own, you can do without Anfibio Multimat. The front seat and backrest is adjustable in position which enables a single paddler to paddle the TXL alone in the front position.

Area of ​​use

Anfibio Sigma TXL is suitable for people who needs to bring a spacious packraft on the adventure, to the least possible weight. The packraft is best suited for calm waters (smaller lakes, rivers, etc.) and should not be used for white water.

If the packraft is paddled by two people at the same time, we recommend that you use a multi paddle.


Anfibio Sigma TXL has a total length of 280 centimeters and an inner length of 180 cm. The parallel tubes makes the packraft reasonably fast in the water while keeping the weight to a minimum bacause of the small volume of the stern and bow. The diameter of the tubes are slightly larger than on Anfibios other models, which makes the packraft suitable for carrying heavier loads, especially in combination with a Multimat.

The packraft is delivered with one (1) seat with integrated backrest, and a front seat with adjustable backrest. To save weight, you can also use for example bags or drybags to sit on during shorter paddles.

Sigma is equipped with a total of six attachment points (two rear and four front) for bags, deckpacks, or anything else that needs to be attached while paddling.

The packraft has no spraydeck.


Anfibio TubeBags (included with the TXL) are two centrally positioned, IPX7-rated waterproof luggage compartments holding 100 litres each with waterproof zippers and inner pockets. The luggage compartment and the main hull air chamber are two separate air spaces. The zippers don’t have to be airtight to function because it’s not necessary by design. The system retains its integrity, even with slightly opened zippers. This makes the seal very resistant to dirt and wear.

Other TubeBag benefits

  • the transport capacity of the boat is considerably increased
  • luggage is automatically positioned correctly and secured against slipping
  • the transport inside the tubes ensures a low centre of gravity,
  • protection against moisture and wind compared to exterior bags

Set up: Open zipper, stow the luggage (load the inside pockets), close the zippers, then inflate the main air chamber. Top up air pressure after initial use.
Break down: Open the main valve first! Then open the TubeBag zippers and unload the luggage.

Fin / skeg

The packraft has an integrated mount for attaching a fin. The fin improves the packrafts tracking and also makes it bit faster. If you are paddling over longer distances where groundings are not of great risk, we can warmly recommend using the fin. If you know that you will paddle in shallow areas, we recommend that you remove the fin so as not to damage it.

Max load

The packraft can transport a total weight of 190 kilos. Together with a Multimat, this figure is significantly increased.


Tubes: 210D Urethane-Nylon (multiple coating on one side of the material)
Floor: 420D Urethane-Nylon (multiple coating on one side of the material)

Size and dimensions

Inner length: 180 cm
Inner width: 37 cm
Outer length: 280 cm
Outer width: 91 cm
Tube diameter: 27 cm
Pack size: 35 x 20 x 20 cm


Packraft only: 2800 grams
Packraft complete: 3560 grams

What is included in the purchase?

Inflation bag
1 seat with integrated backrest
1 seat with adjustable backrest
Repair material (but not glue)

Patch N Go Kit – rapairkit for your packraft
ROK Straps – easily attach your gear to the packraft with these straps
Flextail Pump – a small, battery driven, pump that easily inflates your raft
Stormsure – to repair small pinholes etc
Tectis Sitko Flex – Repair tape that can repair everything. Sort of.


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