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Vikingraft Hellion

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Vikingraft Hellion is the same type of packraft as Phantom, a one man raft, but equipped with an advanced spraydeck that protects against water and cold.

An easy to use repair kit for fast field repairs.

The higher the pressure, the more fun the paddling becomes!

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Vikingraft Hellion

Vikingraft Hellion is the same type of packraft as Phantom, but equipped with an advanced spraydeck that protects against water and cold. Like the Phantom, Hellion has parallel tubes made of an extremely durable material that allows you to use the packraft for many long years in both cold and hot temperatures.

Area of ​​use

Packrafting – the phenomenon that takes outdoor life to new levels! Equipped with a packraft and paddle in your backpack, you can visit places in nature where no one has set foot before. A packraft is rolled up into a small package and can easily be placed inside the backpack.

Packrafts equipped with spraydecks – such as Vikingraft Hellion – are mainly suitable for people who want to treat themselves to the luxury of being able to sit completely dry and warm during longer paddles. The spraydeck protects against rain, splashes from the paddle and waves that can wash over the railing.

Hellion is best suited for outdoor enthusiasts who have planned a longer trip out in the terrain. Maybe you have planned to hike and paddle home for a number of days? Therefore, we mainly recommend Hellion to people interested in hiking and kayaking who intend to spend more time in nature and where it is of great importance to be able to stay dry.

Like all Vikingraft packrafts, Hellion is an extremely durable packraft that can withstand long periods of hard wear.

The packraft can be used in lighter rapids, but as always when paddling, it is important to never paddle alone and to always wear adequate safety equipment (life jacket, dry suit and helmet).

The Hellion is especially useful for larger paddlers or paddlers with a lot of gear, because of its size.


The spraydeck on Vikingraft Hellion is of “Cruiser” type, which means that you open and close the canopy with the help of a longitudinal Velcro strip that runs along one side of the packraft. The spraydeck is completely removable and can be left at home or packed in the backpack when not needed.


Vikingraft Hellion is a large packraft for 1 person. There are two sizes available, the larger one is best suited for larger and heaver people, and the small one best suited for people below 180 cm.

Hellion is fast in the water thanks to the parallel tubes and the long, streamlined waterline. The detachable fin (included in the purchase) makes the packraft even faster and significantly improves tracking.

The packraft is delivered with a seat and backrest that can be easily detached using buckles if you want to minimize weight. Of course, the spraydeck is also included.

Equipment can be attached to Vikingraft Hellion through four powerful attachment points both front and rear – a total of 8 pieces. In the stern we recommend that you fasten an Anfibio Deckpack and in the bow you may fasten your slightly heavier backpack or bag.

Carrying handles are available on the front, back and inside of the tube for easy transport over land. The carrying handles can also be used as attachment points for carbines, for example.

Fins / skeg

The packraft has an integrated fin. The fin improves the packrafts tracking considerably. If you are paddling over longer distances, where groundings are not of great risk, we can warmly recommend using the fin. If you know that you will paddle in shallow areas, we recommend that you remove the fin so as not to damage it.


Tubes: 210D Urethane-Nylon (TPU coated on one side of the material)
Floor: 420D Urethane-Nylon (TPU coated on both sides of the material)

Vikingraft packrafts are equipped with extremely strong joints that are both sewn, welded and taped. The material is UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant and flexible at low temperatures.

Size and dimensions

Inner length: 144 cm (long version) / 135 cm (short version)
Inner width: 37 cm / 35 cm
Outer length: 276 cm / 260 cm
Outer width: 95 cm / 94 cm
Tube diameter: 28 cm
Pack size: 40 x 25 x 25 cm


Packraft only: 3225 grams (long version) / 3100 (short version)
Seat: 293 grams
Fin/skeg: 132 grams
Inflation bag: 143 grams
Rapair material: 35 grams
Storage bag: 365 grams

What is included in the purchase?

  • Storage bag
  • Strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Fin/skeg
  • Seat and backrest
  • Spraydeck
  • Inflation hose
  • Repair material

Vikingraft packrafts, like most other packrafts, are made in China, which guarantees extremely fine details in sewing and material handling. Vikingrafts packrafts enjoy a 3-year warranty.

Patch N Go Kit – rapairkit for your packraft
ROK Straps – easily attach your gear to the packraft with these straps
Flextail Pump – a small, battery driven, pump that easily inflates your raft
Stormsure – to repair small pinholes etc
Tectis Sitko Flex – Repair tape that can repair everything. Sort of.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
27 June, 2022

Båten är perfekt för mina Äventyr. Jag älskar båten

Bernd Urban (Verified owner)
Rated 5.0 out of 5
24 April, 2023

Älskar den. Lätt att paddla för en nybörjare. Har med mig hunden och rymmer mycket packning.

Dennis J
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