Anfibio Hand Pump

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The Anfibio Hand Pump allows you to fill your MRS or Anfibio packraft with some additional air, making them stiffer and more responsive.

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Anfibio Hand Pump

Despite being low pressure crafts by design (primarily working by inflation bag and mouth valve), all packrafts benefit greatly for some additional pressure (beyond your lungs). It makes the boat firm and better responding, especially the whitewater boat, long singles and the double. A stiffer hull provides greater performance. Or you are just tired to pressurize your boat by lung, especially repetadly. The long inflation tube allows the use within the boat (no need to get off). It is also more hygenic, especially during Covid-19 phase if used by multiple people.

The use of a pump is therefore recommended, especially for larger models (two person packrafts) or on moving waters (whitewater) where absolute boat control is indispensable. But even during warm summer tours on the cool water, the pressure drop can be quickly and comfortably eliminated by a hand pump due to the temperature difference between air and water.

Suitable for the common valves of Anfibio, MRS and maybe others.

Equipped with a 70cm long tube, it ensures a pleasant and hygienic application of pressure and thus avoids the introduction of moisture into the boat.

The boats withstand additional pressure just fine. However, they feature no pressure relief valve, so pressurizing should be treated with care, especially on cold water and hot sun combinations. Common sense and intuition will lead the right way.


Diameter: 5 cm
Length: 29 cm
Hose tube: 70 cm


125 grams


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