Seek Outside Gila 3500

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The Seek Outside Gila 3500 is purpose built for the quick overnight, day hike, or a longer trip for an experienced minimalist.

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Seek Outside Gila 3500

The Gila 3500 is purpose built for the quick overnight, day hike, or a longer trip for an experienced minimalist.  Featuring our patented Revolution Frame, the Gila is very comfortable with loads of 30-50 lbs and can handle loads of 200+ lbs.  Robust construction eliminates the need for a rain cover, and the large side pockets and mesh face pocket provide ample organization for your gear.

The Gila Wilderness was the first designated wilderness area in the United States, receiving protection in 1924.  Like it’s namesake, this backpack is built for the solitude & peace that you find in the lonely places.

All of our gear uses the best fabrics and materials we can source, is made in-house by experts at their craft, and is backed by our outstanding warranty.

Please note, hip belt is sold separately!

Handmade in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

Why it’s Compelling

  • Minimum Trail Weight
    • UltraPE 400 – 2 lbs 11 oz
  • Volume – 3500 ci |  57 L (not counting pocket volume)
    • Face Pocket adds roughly 800 ci.
    • Two side water bottle pockets sized to hold two Nalgenes each.
  • Load Range – 200+ lbs
  • Field Adjustable Frame Height
    • 24” frame for light to moderate loads
    • 26” frame for moderate to heavy loads
    • 28” frame for heavy loads or long torsos.
    • Quick tool-less field adjustment via Frame Extensions.
  • Integrated Platform – simple and lightweight.
  • Made in Colorado by people who are passionate about the same pursuits you are.


  • Weather resistant design:
    • Our packbag fabrics are forever waterproof.
    • Rolltop closure is highly water resistant.
    • No packbag zipper reduces potential water entry points.
    • No raincover needed, though Seam Sealing and / or drybags for sensitive gear are smart in very wet conditions.
  • Organization:
    • Large side water bottle pockets accept two Nalgenes each, or a tripod / spotting scope.
    • Extra durable mesh face pocket organizes and allows wet gear to drain.
    • Optional hip belt pockets, top lid, and Talons for more organization.
    • Hydration Port
  • Gatekeeper Compression:
    • Six side straps (three on each side)
    • Two bottom straps
    • One over the top strap
    • Compression straps are moveable and removable.  Add extras if you need them.  Connect two together to make extra long straps for big or awkward loads.
  • 4-Way Forward Pull hipbelt closure with single center buckle allows top / bottom tension adjustment, easy to use.
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Revolution Frame (Patented)
  • One removable aluminum horizontal cross stay.


Frame Size

The frame is 24″ on delivery, but it can be adjusted with a frame extension to 26″ (2″ extension) or 28″ (4″ extension). Frame extensions are used if you are going to carry a lot of weight, but also if you have a longer upper body. See table below for information if you need to add extensions to your order.

For more information on how to measure your torso length, see Seek Outside’s article “Which Frame Height is Right for me?“.

Example: If you have a torso length of 45 cm and plan to carry 15 kilos in the backpack, you should extend the frame with 2″ extensions so you get a frame of 26”.

Torso length Carrying weight up to 13 kg Carrying weight 13-23 kg Carrying weight above 23 kg
15″-16″ (38-41 cm) 24″ 24″ 24″ eller 26″ (add 2″ extensions)
17″-19″ (42-48 cm) 24″ or 26″ (add 2″ extensions) 26″ (add 2″ extensions) 26″ eller 28″ (add 2″ and/or 4″ extensions)
20″+ (49 cm+) 26″ (add 2″ extensions) 26″ or 28″ (add 2″ and/or 4″ extensions) 28″ (add 4″ extensions)

Load Rating – 200+ lbs

Our frame will support over 300 lbs in vertical load.  YOUR max load will be determined by your body, not by the pack.

Included with Backpack:

  • Eight compression straps (removable)
  • One over the top compression strap
  • Field repair kit

Seek Outside Hipbelt
Seek Outside Hipbelt Pocket
Seek Outside Top Lid

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24 October, 2022

Very good backpack, product description as advertised. Bought it for thruhiking with heavier loads up to 15-20kg, when camera gear and food/water for up to 7 days must be carried. Backpack is comfortable, the hip belt is more than strong enough. I like the free space between ones back and the backpack itself due to the external frame system for better ventilation. The backpack has a hydration port and mounting system for a hydration bladder (some websites say it doesn’t have one). The material seems sturdy and is indeed quite waterproof. But haven’t used it for longer tours yet. My only complaint is that there is no manual provided with the backpack. The backpack is highly adjustable and comes with a lot of extra harnesses. So it was quite difficult to figure out how the hip belt and the frame height are mounted correctly. A lot of the extra harnesses are actually not required. One can find various videos on the Seek Outside YouTube channel for help. Luckily the main adjustments are only required once, after that everything works perfectly.

Sven Kiesser (Verified owner)
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