Anfibio Rebel 2K replacement skeg

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This is a skeg that fits Anfibio packrafts.

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Anfibio Skeg

This is a skeg that fits Anfibio Rebel 2K.

A skeg or fin improves boat tracking and speed, thus the efficiency of paddling. It helps to keep the boat in the right direction, even if you stop or slow down your paddling (for taking pictures, snacks, put on clotths etc.). The use on open, calm waters is ideal. Especially when sailing, a skeg (better 3) helps to avoid drifting to the side, like a metal edge on skis!

The Anfibio Skeg is a small and light fin especially developed for packrafter needs. It has specifically been trimmed for lightness and effectiveness. The Anfibio Skeg has a balanced ratio of surface, shape and and a minimum weight of 85 grams. This makes the desired effect clearly noticeable when paddling, but the fin remains easily transportable and can also be carried on backpack tours. Due to its special shape, it is also suitable for shallower waters typical of packraft.

Mount for fin / skeg is NOT included, but can be bought separately here.


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